European Winter City Breaks

It’s that time of year again, winter is close to settling in but don’t let that get you down. Now is the perfect time to escape with a winter city break. Europe has some stunning cities that are only a short flight away, so you have no excuse not to get away!


If you’re looking for a city break with picturesque canals and a lively nightlife, a trip to Amsterdam is ideal for you. Go on a journey of discovery with a canal cruise and take in the stately canal houses and the colourful houseboats to get a taste of the Amsterdam culture. Renting a bike in this stunning city is a must! Travel around the city at your own leisure and explore all that is on offer. For a wonderful evening out, visit one of the many cocktail bars in the city centre which offer both classic and inventive new mixes. Take in the history of World War II at the Anne Frank House or for a unique and inspirational experience take a trip to the Van Gogh Museum. Whatever you’re looking for in Amsterdam, you won’t be disappointed by the diversity that the vibrant city offers.


Winter time in Berlin is the perfect time for a visit. Whether the highlight of your trip is the restaurants offering winter season meals or the blaze of festive lights from the Christmas Markets. Perfect for family breaks, Berlin is home to fantastic theatre pieces and child-friendly concerts suitable for all ages. A visit to the interactive DDR Museum will bring some history to your break, experience unique exhibits, futuristic technology and award-winning design. For stunning views of the centre of Berlin, visit the Berlin Cathedral and go up to the top of the dome. Take in the impressive baptismal and matrimonial chapels, the imperial staircase, the Hohenzollern crypt and the Cathedral museum.


For a city break with breath-taking architecture, Prague is the place to be! From Romanesque chapels and cellars to Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces and gardens to Art Nouveau buildings, take in the diverse and stunning architecture as you stroll through the streets. For unbeatable picturesque views take a trip to the Vltava River and immerse yourself into the community life of Prague, treat yourself to local cuisine from the Farmers’ markets and purchase unique gifts from the flea markets. Winter provides the best opportunity to relax in a unique setting by the river as one of the anchored boats is turned into a sauna.


A winter break to Copenhagen is the perfect time to immerse yourself into the festive spirit. The city is completely transformed into a Christmas destination. A visit at this time of year is not complete without a trip to see the Christmas tree on Rådhuspladsen, the City Hall Square, where hundreds of lights truly bring Christmas to life. For a unique family experience, take a trip to the Copenhagen Zoo as Christmas takes hold, children can meet Santa Claus and get creative in the Christmas workshops. For a complete Copenhagen Christmas experience, do not miss Tivoli’s Christmas lights, market and entertainment. See the beautifully decorated wooden houses, snow covered trees and Santa’s reindeer. Copenhagen is the ideal destination for a Christmas filled winter break.


If you’re looking for a winter break where you can enjoy the nature of the destination, take a trip to Reykjavik. The city has been carefully crafted around its recreational areas and country parks, designed to protect nature whilst encouraging it to thrive. Iceland is renowned for the Northern Lights and a winter break to Reykjavik is not complete without a visit to see this otherworldly phenomenon. Don’t miss out on experiencing the Nordic cuisine, with a number of diverse restaurants across the city offering imaginative and delicious quality food. Reykjavik is ideal for break that indulges in health and well-being, choose from a multitude of outdoor activities or take a dip in a thermal pool or spa.

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