Sleep In Luxury Every Night & Feel Wonderful this Winter!

People often say they sleep better when they’re away – time-out from the daily grind is always good for the soul but perhaps sleeping on a good bed and mattress is also making a difference? Here’s how to create a hotel-feeling, luxury bed in 5 easy steps thanks to our friends at Warren Evans bed makers.

Perfect Pillow

Your pillow should help you sleep and keep your head, neck, shoulder and spine as close to its neutral alignment as possible. Choosing a
configuration of softer and firmer pillows can work well. Combine our firmer Popular pillow, with a border for added structure, and our medium feel Premium pillow, filled with duck down for comfort and support.


Mattress Made in Heaven

The key to waking up feeling great is sleeping on a mattress that gives you and your partner the right amount of support and comfort. An IPS or memory foam mattress is best for a couple, as the springs or foam work independently and respond and mould to every contour of your body. Our popular Superior mattress at 4000 springs is designed to give individual support whilst minimising the effect of “roll” between partners.

Superior WE MattressTopper-Tastic

Enhance, revive and improve the longevity of your mattress with a quality mattress topper. Adding a topper gives your old mattress a new lease of life, providing the softness the mattress fillers may no longer offer. Our range of Warren Evans toppers and protectors with luxurious natural fillers gives you choice when it comes to density and feel.


Ensure you have a thick enough duvet, in breathable, sumptuous cotton, to keep you warm this winter. The natural properties of cotton help keep your body temperature at its optimum so you sleep comfortably. Our Warren Evans pure cotton duvets come in a range of thicknesses and with buttons attached at each corner, you can double up and fasten two duvets together to give additional warmth if required. And there’s nothing better than jumping between freshly washed cotton sheets for that quality, hotel-feel!


Beautiful Big Bed Frame

Bed size plays a big part in your quality of sleep, especially if you have a partner! Our Warren Evans National Sleep Naturally study found that couples sharing Kingsized beds or larger are 51% less likely to be woken by their partner (4 nights a week or more) than those in a double bed or smaller. And 87% of those people who blame their bed size on their partner waking them are sleeping in smaller beds. You should both be able to rest both your hands behind your heads, without your elbows touching.


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You can win a Warren Evans mattress protector and two of their premium pillows in our 12 Days of Christmas competition – look out for it, it’s coming tomorrow!


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